Report Progress as News!

Share and Receive Updates from internal projects, as the events unfold.

What's the Latest Update? It's in your Personalised Business Newspaper.


You need to know what the latest developments are. Instead of scattered emails and spreadsheets, collect progress information in one place. Stay up to date, effortlessly.

Filtered Office News

Staying up to date in the office should be no different than reading the morning newspaper. It should be a pleasant experience, allowing you to browse the most interesting articles.

Filter the content that helps do your job better.

Visibility & Credibility

Instead of writing long summary memo's that may or may not be read, publish an article. Not only will you be able to see who's read it, it will remain in the system as knowledge for future reference. You can update it as you get more data and make corrections.

Share knowledge, create visibility and establish credibility as an expert.

The Value of Sharing

We don't need to tell you the virtues of sharing knowledge within the office. In the office however, it's important to show the value of sharing knowledge.

One of the corner stones of Questionise, is showing you the value being created as more and more people share knowledge.

Questionize promises to be a beautiful manifestation of creating a collaborative, ‘pay-it-forward’ and gratitude company. Using questionise, will definitely add a different dimension to your company.

Who are the Experts? Profiles show value contributions.

Experts like to exhibit their contribution. More importantly, why it's valuable. Share it with everyone. Others benefit and your experts will thank you for the appreciation.

How Does Questionise Fit Your Role

Investor & Portfolio Manager Follow News Updates from your Investments.

Your teams are working hard to build their businesses and deliver value. As a boardmember you want to know of important developments as they happen. Let your team keep you up to date with Questionise. They write the articles. You and others are giving access so you always have access to the latest information.

  • Give back time to your Entrepreneurs
  • Save time on board meetings
  • Always have the latest achievements
  • Detailed metrics

Program & Project Manager Receive News Updates from your Team Leads.

The success of your projects depend on you having access to the most important updates. Let Questionise help you. Instead of waiting on spreadsheets and presentation templates to be aggregated, you'll be able to immediately see the overall status of your project.

  • No more outdated status updates
  • Less & shorter meetings
  • Always on top of critical issues
  • Fast access the latest status updates
  • Aggregated metrics

Team Leads & Subject Matter Experts More Status information, less time

As a team lead you have your own work but you also need to manage the developments of your team. Use Questionise to stay up to date and save time aggregating that information for the higher ups.

  • Less time collecting status updates
  • Save time on templates and formatting
  • Quickly spot potential issues
  • Easily follow issues as they're resolved
  • Management is always in the loop of your team's achievements